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Forest of Thanks

Gratitude tree called: ERC with 13 leaves
Latest leaf: May 07 2021 07:52

To thank the ERC and its grantees for their contributions!

Gratitude tree called: Open University Students with 5 leaves
Open University Students
Latest leaf: May 16 2021 13:58

Thanks to the incredible Open University students for their drive and resilience, and to the support of their amazing tutors.

Gratitude tree called: Beautiful Sussex with 5 leaves
Beautiful Sussex
Latest leaf: July 15 2021 14:48

Places that share nature and organise fresh air events.

Gratitude tree called: Exeter Psychology with 9 leaves
Exeter Psychology
Latest leaf: July 24 2021 21:36

To express thanks to all colleagues and students in the Exeter psychology department.

Gratitude tree called: Gratitude Tree with 10 leaves
Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: April 19 2021 01:25

For anyone grateful to have an online space to say thank you after a difficult year

Gratitude tree called: Milton Keynes Vihara with 7 leaves
Milton Keynes Vihara
Latest leaf: March 31 2021 12:35

Sharing gratitude and appreciation for the community around the Milton Keynes Buddhist Vihara

Gratitude tree called: Princess Royal Hospital with 4 leaves
Princess Royal Hospital
Latest leaf: March 30 2021 07:58

Gratitude for the staff at the Princess Royal Hospital @‎BSUH_NHS, for their incredible care and compassion

Gratitude tree called: Corporate and Commercial Tree with 17 leaves
Corporate and Commercial Tree
Latest leaf: January 27 2021 12:07

Thanking individual members of the team for exceptional work done in producing and delivering projects.

Gratitude tree called: Nicola's Tree with 7 leaves
Nicola's Tree
Latest leaf: December 23 2020 12:51

Gratitude tree called: Cathy's Gratitude Tree with 5 leaves
Cathy's Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: December 29 2020 09:13

None of us feel very festive or sparkly. We are feeling sad, lucky and and all kinds of weird in equal measure. But I think there is an awful lot to be grateful for. Please feel free to add a leaf and tell me what/who you are grateful for/to.

Gratitude tree called: Lero with 34 leaves
Latest leaf: December 23 2020 09:13

Thank to to all Lero members who have who have innovated and supported each other throughout a difficult year ...

Gratitude tree called: Forensic Cognition Research Group with 30 leaves
Forensic Cognition Research Group
Latest leaf: December 31 2020 11:46

The research staff, students and practitioners working in The Open University's Forensic Cognition group