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Forest of Thanks

Gratitude tree called: Huge gratitude to life with 3 leaves
Huge gratitude to life
Latest leaf: December 16 2020 11:42

Thanks to nature, earth, life

Gratitude tree called: Thanks, NHS with 15 leaves
Thanks, NHS
Latest leaf: July 22 2021 16:10

Gratitude tree called: School of Psychology and Counselling at the OU with 7 leaves
School of Psychology and Counselling at the OU
Latest leaf: May 14 2021 15:28

Sharing thanks with colleagues who have helped us out during the pandemic

Gratitude tree called: SEAD / SPARE Research with 16 leaves
SEAD / SPARE Research
Latest leaf: March 24 2021 10:16

Thanks to the great mutual support provided by members of the OU's SEAD research group and Lero's SPARE research group

Gratitude tree called: Citizen Forensics Team with 19 leaves
Citizen Forensics Team
Latest leaf: July 16 2021 11:21

Sharing thanks and appreciation for the support from colleagues involved in the Citizen Forensics research project

Gratitude tree called: School of Computing & Communications with 57 leaves
School of Computing & Communications
Latest leaf: July 24 2021 06:12

Sharing appreciation for colleagues in the OU's School of Computing & Communications