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Forest of Thanks

Gratitude tree called: My mum's care home - and alll carers for people with dementia with 1 leaves
My mum's care home - and alll carers for people with dementia
Latest leaf: July 29 2021 13:31

Springbank Care Home in Chesterfield took my mum on in Jan 21 at the height of the second lockdown and did such a wonderful job to keep her feeling safe, cared for and entertained. Despite all the challenges and additional responsibilities they have done a great job. Thank you to all those who look after people with dementia - its isn't easy or much fun at times..

Gratitude tree called: KCHFT Sexual Heath with 0 leaves
KCHFT Sexual Heath
Latest leaf: None

Gratitude tree called: Eid Al Adha with 16 leaves
Eid Al Adha
Latest leaf: July 20 2021 22:18

A tree to give thanks on the occasion of Eid Al Adha 2021.

Gratitude tree called: NMPAT #PositiviTree with 17 leaves
NMPAT #PositiviTree
Latest leaf: December 16 2021 17:25

Sharing positivity and thanks for all the amazing people involved in the work of the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust

Gratitude tree called: Baskerville School with 6 leaves
Baskerville School
Latest leaf: July 20 2021 08:19

This gratitude tree is for staff, students and parents of Baskerville School. We are a warm, caring, aspirational school for secondary students with autism. Our core values are Resilience, Aspiration, Respect, and Compassion.

Gratitude tree called: Milton Keynes Gratitude Tree with 5 leaves
Milton Keynes Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: September 07 2021 12:54

Listing all the things MK residents are thankful for

Gratitude tree called: Robin Hood Academy Primary School with 31 leaves
Robin Hood Academy Primary School
Latest leaf: July 23 2021 18:52

This tree is to give thanks to the wonderful staff of Robin Hood Academy for all they've done for our children, especially during the pandemic!

Gratitude tree called: Thank you Teachers with 1 leaves
Thank you Teachers
Latest leaf: July 19 2021 07:56

Huge thank you to the amazing teachers who have kept our children learning, whilst learning how to work online themselves, and often parenting too

Gratitude tree called: Anna Lewis with 2 leaves
Anna Lewis
Latest leaf: July 29 2021 13:33

Grateful to my friend Anna and all she did, love rozie x

Gratitude tree called: Paramedics with 1 leaves
Latest leaf: July 16 2021 22:58

Gratitude tree called: Please Do No Take NHS away with 0 leaves
Please Do No Take NHS away
Latest leaf: None

It has helped the nation through thick and thin

Gratitude tree called: Norfolk & Norwich University Trust  with 1 leaves
Norfolk & Norwich University Trust
Latest leaf: July 16 2021 08:41

Thanking all those that have stepped up and helped others in need .. Gone above and beyond !!!